Birmingham City Council – A Shining Example of Engagement

Last updated 9th November 2009

David McLeod presenting at the Engagement 2.0 event

The BEST Programme from Birmingham City Council has been included in a high profile research paper commissioned by the Secretary of State’s office as an example of excellent employee engagement. The BERR Engagement Review undertaken by David McLeod & Nita Clarke reported back to central government discussing the importance of an engaged workforce.

The report centres on the need for an engaged workforce, the benefits, barriers and enablers for this. Explaining that for employers to move forward and get the best from their employees they must establish a “mutual respect” between the business and its staff and BCC are delighted to be highlighted as a centre of best practise and public sector expertise.

Birmingham City Council welcomed the report’s authors David & Nita at their BEST Engagement 2.0 event held in March 2009. David presented at the event to delegates from across the country on the principles of employee engagement and the benefits of an employee engagement programme, and we look forward to continuing to work with them to implement some of the outcomes of the report.

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