BEST 2009 Training Feedback

Last updated 4th August 2009

Earlier this year we held our training for 2009, there were three types of training offered over a 10 week period. These sessions were for new BEST leaders, existing BEST leaders and leaders from within the Children Young People & Families directorate.

We had a great uptake for the training that we provided with 76% of people feeling that they had gained more confidence as a result of the day and rating the day as either good or excellent. Using a scoring system of 1-5 we asked everyone whether they thought BEST could improve he effectiveness of the team, customer service and the whole council when the first arrived and then after they had completed the training, this rose during the course of the day.

The training was delivered in-house by our Directorate Engagement Managers, who all attended the first day's training so that they could get a feel for the course. Two Directorate Engagement Managers attended each day along with some support staff and during our down time we caught up with our e-mails and tasks on our blackberries and mobile phones, some of you found this distracting - sorry!

Everyone seemed to enjoy the chance of networking with other leaders in similar situations to themselves; further opportunities for this exist at our Employee Excellence Focus Groups which happen monthly at the Council House and at our autumn harvest festival event at Aston Hall on 22 September. There is also Generation BEST, a network for our younger employees and we are about to pilot our geographical Leader Networks which will encourage working across directorates.

Some of the feedback suggested that thought the day should have been split into two half days - from a logistics point of view this becomes more difficult and less cost effective due to the price of hiring venues and the amount of time that staff spend travelling. Some of you were also worried about the cost of providing lunch, these were kept to a minimum and often come as part of a package when booking a venue. Where we have control over this in future we will be offering the option for staff to bring their own lunch should they feel uncomfortable about this.

All the materials and presentations are now available on In-line. For further information regarding our Employee Excellence Focus Groups, the BEST Autumn Event or any other queries please contact your directorate support team or email BEST on Lotus Notes.

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