Green Letter Day in and around Sutton

Last updated 8th October 2009

Do you work in and around Sutton Coldfield? Looking for new ideas for team building away days or to hold your best workshop? Look no further, we have some ideas for you, some of which are free of charge.

Sutton Park

Team building volunteer away day (or half day)- free of charge

Your team can contribute to the management of the National Nature Reserve in Sutton Park by volunteering to help clear invasive birch from the open heath land. There are various areas to suit different groups so that there is an achievable target. Tools are available at the park, but to be able to continue offering this excellent team building activity they would be grateful for any donations of tools which could be purchased through voyager.


Sutton Park

Beginners Orienteering – free of charge

Groups would be split in to teams using a star course which would not take you far away from your start point. This activity is enhanced by completing a specified action on your return journey!

Angling Tuition is another option for any team wishing to try something different. This would take place on the Sutton Park pools at a nominal cost of around £5 per person.

Call Danny Squire on 355 6370 to discuss your requirements

Birmingham Outdoor Education Centre


Birmingham Outdoor Education Centre

BOEC will prepare and deliver tailored adventurous, fun, team building events focusing on achievement, challenge and enjoyment using adventurous activities in an outdoor environment.

Sessions will focus on the principles associated with outdoor learning such as building self confidence, self esteem and developing leadership and teamwork.

Call them on 464 6868 to discuss your requirements.

Toby Inn Sutton Park

Why not hold your best workshop away from your workplace combined with lunch!

You can book The Panel Room at The Toby Inn in Sutton Park at a cost of £65 per half day. The room holds 30 people and you can take your carvery at a cost of £5 per head in with you.

Phone 354 2458 to book

Boldmere Golf Club


Boldmere Golf Course

Team Building Tee off

Boldmere golf club cater for all group sizes from 4 upwards. Bring some competitive spirit into your team building event. Teams of four tee off at 8 minute intervals to complete an 18 hole course at a cost of £14 per head (or only £10 per head after 12pm)

Phone 354 3379 to book

Wyndley Leisure Centre

Wyndley Leisure Centre have 6 squash courts, 5 badminton courts and an all weather pitch which would be an ideal location for a team building event. Depending on the size of the team you could organise tournaments to cater for all abilities.

They also have a Ladies days which allows you to try two classes including a warm up session.

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