BEST 2008 Training Pilot a Success!

Last updated 9th February 2009

The Adults and Communities directorate was chosen for the BEST 2008 training pilot so they could receive the training early, enabling them to include their BEST workshop and actions in with their Team Plans.

42% of BEST Leaders from Adults and Communities have now been trained.

The training pilot gave us, the BEST Support Team, the opportunity to try out the new BEST 2008 training schedule and iron out any creases we may have before rolling it out to the rest of the council.

We found 84% of BEST Leaders and Managers who attended the training events enjoyed the session.

BEST Leader Sue Barlow said: ‘Birmingham City Council is moving forward and BEST is the way we do things now. BEST is not going away.’

Delrose Smith a first time BEST Leader working in George Canning House, Ward End said: ‘BEST is the vehicle to move things forward.’

Annette Hutchinson who works at Howard House said: ‘BEST is at a local level, it is achievable but for it to work you have to have ongoing meetings and staff have to be honest with themselves.’

This year BEST Managers, as well as Leaders, are expected to attend BEST Training to help them further understand their role and enable them to fully support their BEST Leader in carrying out their role.

Managers who attended the pilot found the training useful and informative and fed back they they now feel more knowledgeable about their role as BEST Manager and are more confident in their ability to fully support their BEST Leader.

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